Personal Tutoring 6,600 yen per hour
(including 10% Sales Tax)
Group Lesson for 2
Please find your studying partner yourself.
9,900 yen per hour
(including 10% Sales Tax)
Visiting Fee 1,650 yen minimum per visit (including 10% Sales Tax)
depending on the area
Materials: Textbooks, 1st Package, and other materials for the first 40 lessons 10,450 yen
(including 10% Sales Tax)

Our private tutoring service in-person is offered only in the Tokyo & Yokohama area. Well-designed on-Skype lessons are available for any clients outside the Tokyo area.

Free trial lesson

A free 60-minute trial session on Skype or in-person.

At your home, in your office, or in our studio at your convenience without any further obligation.

Studying Japanese is an investment of your time and money. Of course, you ought to make your own decision about what learning method best suits your learning style and language needs, and double-check the advice of your company or friends by taking our 60-minute free trial session of the cutting-edge "Japanese-The Kitani Method."

For an appointment or further questions, please call (03) 3405-1783, or e-mail: mkitani@nifty.com