Studying Japanese?

If yes, then Japanese-The Kitani Method is the right choice.

The first thing you have to realize is the crucial fact that there are as substantial differences in current methods of learning Japanese as there are between a coal-fueled locomotive and the latest, state-of-art bullet train. Most methods will cost 300 hours of your precious time just to clear the basic level. 300 hours are equivalent to more than 3 years of studying if you take a one-hour lesson twice a week. So ask yourself whether, with your busy schedule, you want to spend 300 hours riding a train pulled by a coal-fueled locomotive or make the same trip in a fraction of the time on the bullet train.

If your choice is the bullet train ride, then we are ready to arrange your language travel itinerary!

Yes, we are 6 times faster!
Yes, you will be 6 times happier!  >>> The reason why 6 times?

Before you blame yourself for slow progress in Japanese, ask yourself if you’re on the right train.

"Japanese-The Kitani Method" making full use of the most current language acquiring technologies, will enable you to achieve your goal at least 6 times faster than any other Japanese-learning method. 50 lesson hours of our method will guarantee to boost a novice student to an intermediate proficiency level, as well as an intermediate student to an advanced level.

We are sure you're wondering how we can teach you so fast. Therefore, in order for you to understand our method, we would like you to take our free trial lesson at your home, in your office, or in our studio at your convenience without any further obligation. We want especially to urge those of you currently studying the textbook, "Japanese For Busy People" or at Berlitz to try our free trial lesson, and find out how effective our method is.

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Studying Japanese is an investment of your time and money. Of course, you ought to make your own decision about what learning method best suits your learning style and language needs, and double-check the advice of your company or friends by taking our one-hour free trial lesson of the cutting-edge 'Japanese-The Kitani Method.'

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